Housing help for Katrina victims

We provide help for finding Housings solution for victims of hurricane Katrina In response to Hurricane Katrina, a group of housing specialists has offered their help in the relocation efforts of thousands of people stranded without homes as a result of the destructive hurricane. Our goal is to help those without shelter find someone that is willing to share their home, bedroom, or even couch. Whether it s for just a couple days or for several months, offering any shelter will greatly help. We urge anyone with available shelter to take a moment to create a profile by clicking the link above. Those in search of shelter can use our search feature to find an available room that s right for you. This service is entirely free.

We would like to thank our supporters from all around the world. These housing specialist have helped thousands and thousands of victims with financial help and their knowledge such as:

Budapestagent.com a specialist for Budapest Hotels | New York Hotels booker for housing in the US | Prague Hotels booker for the financial aid.

Also we want to thank the Red Cross, The Salvation Army and the Federal Emergency Management Agency